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Ackah Law Value-Added Immigration Consultations

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Ackah Law Value-Added Immigration Consultations

If you are considering moving to Canada or the United States, you probably have many questions:

  • What are the requirements to immigrate?
  • Am I eligible to immigrate?
  • How long does the immigration process take?
  • What will it cost to immigrate?

Every immigration case is unique because everyone's situation is unique. There is no one-fits-all answer to immigration questions. An immigration lawyer will have many questions about your qualifications to immigrate:

  • Do you have any legal issues in your background which could impact your eligibility?
  • Are you moving alone, or bringing a family with you?
  • Do you already have family in Canada or the United States?
  • How will you support yourself after your move?


Ackah Law offers immigration consultations for individuals and businesses.

At Ackah Law, we offer a one-on-one consultation with a highly trained and experienced immigration professional. Our consultation fee is $500.00 for a personal meeting or telephone conference with one of our immigration legal professionals includes preliminary research by our legal department, a one-on-one consultation with one of our legal professionals, and a follow-up email report post-consultation that outlines your legal options.

During the consultation, Ackah Law wants to ensure that a candidate is eligible for the immigration category they are interested in before we open a case file. Before you decide to retain Ackah Law and we agree to accept your case, you will be informed about all fees and costs associated with our legal services.

Value-Added Immigration Consultation

In addition to the personal meeting (by phone, In-person or other platforms) consultation, your immigration consultation includes:

  • A legal review of the immigration documents you provide to us
  • Preliminary research by the Ackah Law legal team to determine your eligibility to move to Canada or the United States
  • Customized immigration advice and strategies based on your specific situation
  • A follow-up email report post-consultation that outlines your legal options

In many cases, the consultation is sufficient to provide someone with the information they need to manage their own immigration application. In other situations, the person's situation is much more complicated and a DIY application will most likely be denied, which will cost the person time, money and stress.

Note: If you request additional legal services from Ackah Law within 30 days of your paid consultation, the consultation fee you paid will be applied to your full Ackah Business Immigration Law case.

FAQs About Client Consultations

Sometimes a consultation is all you need to answer your immigration questions and discuss your options. Other times, a consultation is the first step in the immigration process. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions About Immigration Consultations:

What is it?

Consultations are a comprehensive process that includes preliminary research by our legal department, a one-on-one consultation with one of our legal professionals, and a follow-up email report post-consultation that outlines your legal options. We provide consultations to fully review the client’s case documentation and recommend an immigration strategy that works best for them.

The cost of the consultation is $500 and we will credit this amount to your account if we are retained for a full immigration case within a 60 day period.

Once a consultation agreement is signed, we collect the required documents and schedule a call or an in-person meeting for the client to talk directly about the results and their options.

Is it required?

When you call Ackah Law, we evaluate whether we offer the immigration services you require. Based on the results of our call, we may have you talk to our Client Engagement Coordinator or book a consultation with an immigration lawyer or regulated professional immigration consultant.

WATCH: Canada Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah Explains What is Covered In An Immigration Consultation

Who is it for?

There are several different scenarios where a consultation is required before moving forward.

  1. One of the main benefits of a consultation is so that we can ensure that a candidate is eligible to immigrate before we accept your case. Most commonly we do consultations for anyone looking at their Permanent Residency options. This is a mandatory step, as even though you may believe you qualify, we need to review your documents confirming this before moving forward. This ensures we all have the same understanding before starting your case.

  2. The second reason to do a consultation is when the options are not clear, and a detailed legal analysis is required. In this way, we can review your documentation and situation fully, then provide our legal recommendations. This is especially useful for those considering multiple immigration avenues.

  3. We also offer a consultation to confirm your eligibility. If determining your eligibility takes longer than a 15-minute phone call with a legal professional, or there is a need to review multiple documents, then we require a paid consultation first. You can then clearly understand the chances of success before proceeding with a full immigration application.

    Medical or criminal inadmissibility cases almost always require a consultation.

  4. If someone has already had an immigration application rejected, it is our policy to require a consultation so that we can fully review what was previously submitted, discuss the situation and properly advise you on the likelihood of success if we assist you to resubmit your application. The applicant can then choose to proceed after having all the facts and understanding of their chances of success.

  5. The final reason for a consultation is when a client would like to discuss questions with our legal professionals. They then get an hour of time to ask all their questions in order to make informed decisions.

Where is the Consultation?

Our clients are from around the globe. Our consultations normally take place by phone but some may take place in-person at one of our Canadian offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.


What we don’t do in a consultation session:

  • We do not present a sales pitch.
  • We do not pressure you to retain our services to handle your case.
  • We do not make guarantees about the outcome of your case.

Call Ackah Law at (403) 452-9519 to talk to our Client Engagement Coordinator or Book A Consultation with an experienced immigration legal professional who will give you the information you need to make important decisions about the next phase of your life.

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