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Why Hire A Vancouver Business Immigration Lawyer?

Local Knowledge, National Experience

Canada is proud of the business immigration policies that

  • Contribute to our economic recovery and growth
  • Supplement the aging workforce
  • Help local businesses grow and hire skilled, trained and educated workers.

Due to the many programs available from both federal and provincial/territorial governments and the frequent program changes, an immigration lawyer must have a deep understanding of the available programs in each province in order to ensure that business applications are successful. Immigration policies in Canada are designed to strengthen economic growth and renew its aging workforce, while Canadian companies want to grow their business and manage their costs.

Ackah Business Immigration Law is a one stop shop for all immigration concerns. l strongly recommend anyone looking for solutions to any immigration issue to engage their services. They are the best at what they do and they deliver on their experience I'm forever grateful for Evelyn and her entire team!


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