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Why Hire A Edmonton Business Immigration Lawyer?

Local Knowledge, National Experience

Canada is proud of our business immigration policies that

  • Help Canada’s economic recovery and growth
  • Rebuild the aging workforce
  • Help local business hire workers

Canada has established immigration policies that are designed to bolster our economic growth and rejuvenate the aging workforce. Both federal and provincial/territorial governments provide programs for businesses, making it imperative that an immigration lawyer is familiar with the laws of both levels in order to ensure a successful application for those coming from abroad.

We are knowledgeable and experienced in immigration regulations, demands, and procedures, such as the processing of work visa applications, labour market impact assessments (LMIAs), and LMIA-exempt work permit requests. We understand what is necessary to ensure that all requirements are met and that your application is completed with accuracy and timeliness. We are here to provide you with the guidance and support needed to make the process of obtaining your visa or permit as smooth and stress-free as possible.

You and your team Evelyn have been an amazing drink of cool pure water in the world of legal processes that sometimes could taste bitter. You have been reasonable, honest, communicative, super patient and always kind in words and actions. Three years ago, I researched Lawyers and attorneys throughout Canada and the U.S. to find a person or company that would help me. The gratitude I have for your safe, gracious and disarming legal paradigms that I had formed from some challenging experiences, evaporated when you led the charge through the pandemic to acquire the Visas we need for my company. So “Yes!” . . . I am very thankful for you and the team members of Ackah Law during this Thanksgiving Season and forever.


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