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Rashmi Bishnoi, Contract Lawyer


Rashmi Bishnoi, Contract Lawyer

Rashmi is a true global citizen and a bridge between cultures. Her personal journey as an immigrant fuels her passion for breaking down barriers and forging new opportunities for those daring to dream across borders. Licensed to practice law in both California and India, her practice is enhanced by a global perspective and cross-border legalities as she possesses a Master of Law degree from UC Davis, California and a Master of Business Administration degree from Université Laval, Quebec.

She specializes in business immigration involving temporary non-immigrant status and permanent residence for professionals, international transfers, investors, researchers, artists, performers, and athletes. She counsels Ph.D. and international researchers to obtain their green cards through the National Interest Waiver (NIW) program. She has a proven track record of serving a diverse range of industries, including technology, pharmaceuticals, engineering, manufacturing, and education, among others.

Beyond the corporate world, Rashmi’s heart lies in uniting families. She's fiercely dedicated to reuniting families and assisting in sensitive matters such as asylum, deportation defense, and humanitarian visas, including VAWA, T, and U visas.

Rashmi is a dedicated advocate for people from diverse backgrounds and is committed to making the American dream accessible, helping them find their place in an ever-evolving, interconnected world. She is a facilitator of dreams and possibilities.

You and your team Evelyn have been an amazing drink of cool pure water in the world of legal processes that sometimes could taste bitter. You have been reasonable, honest, communicative, super patient and always kind in words and actions. Three years ago, I researched Lawyers and attorneys throughout Canada and the U.S. to find a person or company that would help me. The gratitude I have for your safe, gracious and disarming legal paradigms that I had formed from some challenging experiences, evaporated when you led the charge through the pandemic to acquire the Visas we need for my company. So “Yes!” . . . I am very thankful for you and the team members of Ackah Law during this Thanksgiving Season and forever.


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