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11 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Immigration Lawyer in 2021

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in Ackah Law

11 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Immigration Lawyer in 2021

You are looking for an immigration lawyer because you have an immigration problem. At Ackah Business Immigration Law, we smooth the way to Canada and the United States for employees, families and individuals. Hiring the right immigration lawyer is essential whether you're crossing borders for work, for life, or for family. Before you hire an immigration lawyer, you should ask questions to make sure they can solve your problem and help you achieve your goals.

Questions To Ask BEFORE You Hire an Immigration Lawyer

1. Why Should I Hire An Immigration Lawyer
Immigration law is becoming more complex and challenging every day. Immigration applications can be refused due to minor oversights and omissions that can delay or negatively impact your business or your family reunification plans. By not using a lawyer you put your business and your family at risk. Ackah Business Immigration Law can help you understand your rights and understand Canadian immigration policies as they apply to your unique circumstances.

2. Do You Offer a Free Consultation?
Yes! When you call Ackah Law, we evaluate whether we offer the immigration services you require during a free initial consultation with our Intake Officer or Client Engagement Coordinator. Based on the results of our call, you may ask for a flat rate quote and hire Ackah Law to handle your immigration case, or book a consultation with an immigration lawyer or regulated professional immigration consultant. Sometimes a consultation is all you need to answer your immigration questions and discuss your options. Other times, a consultation is the first step in the immigration process.

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Every immigration case is unique because everyone's situation is unique. There is no one-fits-all answer to immigration questions. An immigration lawyer will have many questions about your case and qualifications.

3. How Much Will You Charge?
Ackah Law offers Flat Fee Pricing for immigration cases so you are never surprised or caught unprepared. We operate on a flat fee basis: What we quote is what you'll pay.

Learn More: How much will my immigration case cost? Flat Fee Pricing for Immigration Legal Services

4. Have You Handled A Case Like Mine? What Is Your Success Rate?
Because we exclusively practice immigration law, we handle many different types of immigration cases and issues. We're successful when our clients are successful.

Our legal team works very hard on behalf of our clients, but not every immigration case has the outcome the client wants. Nevertheless, our success rate on immigration cases is so high because we carefully screen which clients we can help and only accept clients when we believe in our ability to succeed. We will not take your case if we don't believe we can help you: We don't sell dreams, we sell success!

5. I Am Not In Canada. How Can We Stay In Contact?
Our legal team is available 24/7/365 because our clients are in different time zones, and often need our assistance nights, weekends and on holidays!

Ackah Business Immigration Law is proud of our innovative use of technology to stay in touch with clients around the globe. Many of our clients we never meet in person, yet we are able to stay in touch and work with them via email, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and other virtual technologies. For clients in Canada, we have offices in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

6. Are You A Licensed Lawyer?
As Founder and Managing Lawyer at Ackah Business Immigration Law, Evelyn Ackah has been a practicing lawyer for over 20 years, and exclusively practices immigration law in Canada and the United States. Evelyn was first called to the Ontario bar in 1999 and to the Alberta bar in 2008. Ackah Law celebrated our 10th anniversary in December 2020. Our immigration legal team includes licensed immigration lawyers in Canada and the U.S., licensed immigration consultants and experienced immigration professionals.

7. Do You Specialize In Immigration Law? What Kind of Law Do You Practice?
Ackah Law focuses solely on Canada and U.S. immigration law, and related cross-border business law and human resources law and policy.

8. How Big Is Your Law Firm?
We are proud of Ackah Business Immigration Law's growth since it was founded 10 years ago. Our team of lawyers and paralegals directly assist our clients, plus our support staff keeps the office functioning efficiently and smoothly. Ackah Law is proud that we hire legal interns and students as part of our team, to help train Canada's future workforce.

9. Are Your Clients Satisfied? Do You Have Online Reviews?
We're successful when our clients are successful. At Ackah Law, we are very proud that our clients are satisfied with the service they receive from our legal team. Our client testimonials and we have online client reviews on Facebook and Google.

As an award-winning law firm, Ackah Business Immigration Law works hard to earn our clients' trust.

10. What Languages Do You Speak?
It is essential that a client and their lawyer can communicate effectively. At Ackah Law, we are multi-lingual. Our legal team speaks:

  • English and French, the two official languages of Canada
  • Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu
  • Spanish
  • Cantonese and Mandarin
  • Twi
  • Tagalog and three other Filipino dialects
  • Yoruba
  • Zimbabwean dialects

In addition, we work with knowledgeable translators. Our website can be translated into many languages via the Translate option in the footer.

11. Do You Have Time For My Case?

During your initial consultation, our intake officer will review your information, and schedule a time to discuss your unique immigration needs and timeline. At that time, we will make an assessment on whether we are your best option to help your immigration problem.

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Get Help From An Immigration Lawyer

    Scheduling a free immigration consultation with a licensed immigration lawyer is the first step to solving your immigration problem.

    The Ackah Law team helps businesses and individuals cross borders seamlessly into Canada and the United States. Contact Evelyn Ackah and Ackah Business Immigration Law today at contact@ackahlaw.com or (403) 452‑9515.

    Immigration law is continuously evolving and requires diligence to be sure you have the most current information so you have the best chance to move to Canada and start your new life. Ackah Business Immigration Law's team provides expertise in all areas of immigration law ranging from corporate immigration to personal and family immigration matters. We provide comprehensive immigration services to clients around the world representing corporations, institutions, not-for-profit organizations and individual clients. As your immigration legal team, we provide you with timely and strategic advice relating to the constantly changing immigration laws and regulations.

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