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How much will my immigration case cost? Flat Fee Pricing for Immigration Legal Services

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in Ackah Law

How much will my immigration case cost? Flat Fee Pricing for Immigration Legal Services

Ackah Business Immigration Law is a flat fee immigration law firm. If you are an immigrant in need of legal services, you need to know how much your lawyer is going to charge. At Ackah Business Immigration Law, we offer flat fee pricing for immigration services.

A flat fee means that you know in advance what the legal fees are to handle your immigration case. Ackah Law's flat-rate pricing means you are never surprised or caught unprepared by hidden fees and our invoices all fit on one page.

Ackah Law will:

  • Conduct an initial consultation to review your unique situation in an
  • Provide you with a written, flat fee price to handle your immigration case
  • Manage your case through the immigration system until you have a resolution

Note: It is essential that all clients provide full disclosure of their immigration and criminal history during the initial consultation.

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How Does Ackah Law Determine Flat Fee Rates?

Ackah Business Immigration Law only practices immigration law - that means that our entire legal team - lawyers, immigration consultants, intake specialists - are dedicated to immigration law. We employ the latest legal technology to manage our law practice so that our work is efficient and accurate. By investing in technology we save time and money - and pass that savings on to our clients.

Evelyn Ackah, Founder and Managing Lawyer at Ackah Law, explains:

You don't want to be surprised by your legal fees! By hiring a lawyer who exclusively practices immigration law, you get expert advice from someone who knows and understands Canada's IRCC and immigration laws and policies and has experience with many different types of immigration cases. Immigration lawyers charge different fees based on what services are provided, and on the cases’ complexity.

Our flat fee legal services rate ensures you get the best representation possible, at a fair price.

Immigration Fraud

Sadly, many immigrants are vulnerable to immigration fraud and scams by unlicensed immigration consultants, or to spiraling fees for their case. Ghost consultants, false promises and commission schemes have become such a problem in Canada that the government has proclaimed March to be Immigration Fraud Prevention Month. Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah spoke Calgary EyeOpener on CBC Radio Canada about the problem with immigration fraud.

Listen to Evelyn Ackah's full interview with Calgary Eyeopener HERE

Can You Afford NOT To Hire An Immigration Lawyer?

It's not inexpensive to move to Canada or the United States - there are filing fees, required documentation and exams and the time to process the case, make phone calls, and fight for your rights. It's not just the money charged by your immigration lawyer, it's about the cost of time, not having medical coverage, stress, missed opportunities, not being with family. People need to consider the cost of spending a little more money to hire an experienced, licensed immigration professional versus the cost of being barred from your family or spouse for 5 years or permanently banned.

Immigration law is becoming more complex and challenging every day. Immigration applications can be refused due to minor oversights and omissions that can delay or negatively impact your business or your family reunification plans. By not using a lawyer you can be putting your business and your family at risk. Ackah Business Immigration Law can help you understand your rights and understand Canadian immigration policies as they apply to your unique circumstances.

Ackah Business Immigration Law's Vision and Values

As a boutique corporate immigration law firm, we work hard to provide our clients with responsive and knowledgeable service. Our corporate immigration lawyers and paralegals understand that you rely on Ackah Business Immigration Law to provide specialized legal knowledge about Canadian and U.S. immigration issues. We keep our focus on your business by maximizing our resources, utilizing leading-edge technology and collaborating internally as we strive to exceed client expectations.

Our values and passion for immigration law enable us to find innovative, pro-active solutions for the challenges that may arise throughout the immigration process.

The Ackah Law team helps businesses and individuals cross borders seamlessly into Canada and the United States. Contact Evelyn Ackah and Ackah Business Immigration Law today at contact@ackahlaw.com or (403) 452‑9515.

Evelyn Ackah

Founder/Managing Lawyer

Ms. Ackah is passionate about immigration law because it focuses on people and relationships, which are at the core of her personal values. Starting her legal career as a corporate/commercial ...

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In my role leading Human Resources and Corporate Services environments over the years, it has been my pleasure to work with Ackah Business Immigration Law, engaging their services and legal counsel for a wide variety of immigration matters. I have found their practice to be professional, knowledgeable and responsive, always at the forefront in educating clients on the changing face of Immigration legislation and requirements. It is my pleasure to recommend Ackah Business Immigration Law as experts in their field.

– Marci Hamilton, Manager, Corporate Services

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