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Canada Increases Permanent Resident Processing Fees

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in Permanent Residence

Canada Increases Permanent Resident Processing Fees

Canada reviews immigration fees every two years to adjust for inflation. Immigration fees are expected to increase every two years based on the Consumer Price Index increase rounded to the nearest $5CAD. Effective April 30, Canada is increasing fees for all permanent residence applications. Permanent residence processing fees have not increased since 2002.

Immigration applicants pay two fees: an application processing fee and a right of permanent residence fee.

Immigration Fees Effective April 30, 2022

ProgramApplicantsCurrent feeNew fee April 30, 2022
Right of Permanent Residence FeePrincipal applicant and accompanying spouse or common-law partner$500$515
Federal High Skilled, Provincial Nominee Program and Quebec Skilled Workers, Atlantic Immigration Class and most Economic Pilots (Rural, Agri-Food)Principal applicant$825$850
Accompanying spouse or common-law partner$825$850
Accompanying dependent child$225$230
Live-in Caregiver Program and Caregivers Pilots (Home Child Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot)Principal applicant$550$570
Accompanying spouse or common-law partner$550$570
Accompanying dependent child$150$155
Business (Federal and Quebec)Principal applicant$1,575$1,625
Accompanying spouse or common-law partner$825$850
Accompanying dependent child$225$230
Family Reunification (Spouses, Partners and Children; Parents and Grandparents; and other relatives)Sponsorship fee$75$75
Sponsored principal applicant$475$490
Sponsored dependent child$75$75
Accompanying spouse or common-law partner$550$570
Accompanying dependent child$150$155
Protected PersonsPrincipal applicant$550$570
Accompanying spouse or common-law partner$550$570
Accompanying dependent child$150$155
Humanitarian and Compassionate / Public PolicyPrincipal applicant$550$570
Accompanying spouse or common-law partner$550$570
Accompanying dependent child$150$155
Permit HoldersPrincipal applicant$325$335

Fees for permanent resident cards and permanent resident travel documents will not increase.

Canada's approach to financing immigration programs is that the individuals receiving the services are responsible for the associated costs. In 2019-2020, the Canadian government collected over $1.3 billion from over 70 user fees. Permanent residence fees represented 23% of total IRCC fee revenue. The fees collected by IRCC represent approximately 50% of all fee revenue collected by the Government of Canada.

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Ms. Ackah is passionate about immigration law because it focuses on people and relationships, which are at the core of her personal values. Starting her legal career as a corporate/commercial ...

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