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US Extends Border Closure Through August 21

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in Coronavirus - COVID

US Extends Border Closure Through August 21

The United States announced that the U.S. will extend border closure and restrict the entry of non-essential travellers from Mexico and Canada by land and ferry at least through August 21, said the U.S. Homeland Security Department The previous border restrictions were set to end July 22. Travellers from Canada and Mexico can continue to come into the U.S. by air with proof of a negative COVID test or recovery from COVID. The borders were first closed to leisure travellers in March 2020 due to the pandemic. Cross-border restrictions have been extended on a monthly basis ever since.

The United States has not decided what the requirements for travel into the U.S. from Canada will be when the border reopens, and if they will only allow Canadians who have been fully vaccinated to enter, following Canada's border re-opening lead.

The announcement came after Canada announced it would reopen its borders to fully vaccinated Americans on August 9, and allow fully vaccinated travellers from any country on September 7.

Travel Exemptions to the United States

If you need to travel to the United States during COVID restriction, travel exemptions are available for essential workers and other qualified travellers Including:

  • Trade and commerce
  • Temporary Foreign Workers
  • Vital Health-Care Workers
  • Study
  • Critical infrastructure and services workers
      • Energy and Utilities
      • Information and Communication Technologies
      • Finance
      • Health
      • Food
      • Water
      • Transportation
      • Safety
      • Government
      • Manufacturing

Do You Need An Essential Worker Exemption To Travel To The United States?

Don't get caught up in a paperwork bureaucracy backlog. Before you fly into the United States make sure your essential worker exemption paperwork is in order. An experienced immigration professional can help qualified essential workers and healthcare travellers cross the border into the U.S. and help prepare your immigration application and exemption package.

If you need an exemption to travel to the U.S., contact Ackah Business Immigration Law today at (403) 452‑9515 or email us directly.

Evelyn Ackah

Founder/Managing Lawyer

Ms. Ackah is passionate about immigration law because it focuses on people and relationships, which are at the core of her personal values. Starting her legal career as a corporate/commercial ...

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