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Paperless ArriveCAN Will Simplify Your Entry Into Canada

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in Coronavirus - COVID

Paperless ArriveCAN Will Simplify Your Entry Into Canada

Canada's borders will remain closed until at least January 21, 2021. As part of Canada's efforts to reduce the spread of COVID, all travellers are required to digitally provide contact and quarantine information. Because paper forms take days to process and to upload and can be incomplete or inaccurate, the Canadian government has created a fast, paperless online website and app to help provinces and territories protect their citizens.

The Government of Canada has created the ArriveCAN app and website so Canadians can before leaving their home country to provide mandatory travel information required for entry into Canada.

ArriveCAN can be accessed online or download the Apple or Android app.


How To Use ArriveCAN

Anyone arriving by air to enter Canada as a final destination must use ArriveCAN to submit their travel and quarantine information. Travellers arriving by land or sea are strongly encouraged to use ArriveCAN to expedite processing:

  • ArriveCAN must be used by Canadians and foreign travellers
  • Show your ArriveCAN receipt to the border services officer
  • All travellers, whether they travel by air, land or sea, must report daily after their entry into Canada
    • Travellers who are exempt from quarantine do not have to report after they have entered Canada
  • Within 48 hours of entry into Canada, travellers must confirm they have arrived at the address provided for their quarantine form

Whether travellers are entering Canada by air, land or sea, you can use ArriveCAN to:

  • provide required contact information for you and your family travelling together
  • answer questions about your quarantine plan if your travel isn’t exempt from quarantine requirements
  • get an ArriveCAN confirmation receipt to show to border services officers
    • take a screenshot or print your confirmation if you sign in online
  • report after your entry and complete COVID-19 symptom self-assessments

WATCH: Use ArriveCAN to Provide Mandatory Travel Information

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Don't attempt to cross the border into Canada without making sure your paperwork is in order. Immigration law is becoming more complex and challenging every day. Immigration applications can be refused due to minor oversights and omissions that delay or negatively impact your business plans. By not using a lawyer you put your business at risk.

COVID's impact on Canada immigration has affected individuals, families, big corporations and small business owners, and there can be confusion at the border or when trying to board a flight to Canada. An experienced immigration professional can help qualified travelers cross the border into Canada, and help prepare your immigration application.

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