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Immigration and the Coronavirus: What We Know So Far

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in Coronavirus

Immigration and the Coronavirus: What We Know So Far

Immigration Deadlines and Delays

Immigration and the Coronavirus: What We Know So Far Immigration and the Coronavirus: What We Know So Far

At Ackah Business Immigration Law, we're getting lots and lots of calls and emails about, "What's going to my application? I have a work permit in process at the consulate; I have a permanent residence file in process or a citizenship application in process. What can I expect? Will it be approved? Will it move forward?"

I want to let you know as much information as we have here. We are getting our immigration and the coronavirus information from Canada's IRCC tweets, operational bulletins and updates on the IRCC website. Things are still proceeding. They will definitely be slower, so you need to be patient and know that all applications will be processed.

There may be delays. The government is giving ample time: 60 to 90 days extra days in case we need it because of the slowdowns. They're essential staff and a number of staff are also working from home. So just please be patient and know your applications are still in process. They will be processed.

Just be patient that they're doing the best they can, just like we're all doing the best we can right now in this current climate.

If you have a work permit that may be expiring, or visitor status, the government is also giving people some leeway - up to 90 days.

Call me at Ackah Law and we can talk through your exact situation.

What To Do If Your Canada Work Permit is Expiring

When your work permit expires, if you've been counting on PR status, you didn't do an extension, what's your best strategy? If you have a visitor record that's going to expire and you were waiting on a work permit, what's your best strategy?

We want to ensure that you are protected while things are going through this flux so that you don't impact your status long term. Please make sure whether you talk to me at Ackah Law or any reputable lawyer immigration consultant, please do check because we want to make sure you're getting the best advice.

As soon as we get more information we'll share it with you. We'll be posting information on our website and our blogs about any updates.

You know everything is taking longer, but deadlines for biometrics for for FBI for RCMP for fingerprints for medicals - they've all been extended. So please just know that they're being reasonable at Canada Immigration. They're being reasonable at the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. They're being reasonable across the country when it relates to applications. They understand what we're all living through right now and they are going to be as flexible as possible.

If you have questions about your immigration application, contact Ackah Law today at (403) 452-9515 Ext. 100 or 1-800-932-1190 or email contact@ackahlaw.com.

Take good care of yourselves and stay healthy.

Evelyn Ackah

Founder/Managing Lawyer

Ms. Ackah is passionate about immigration law because it focuses on people and relationships, which are at the core of her personal values. Starting her legal career as a corporate/commercial ...

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– Marci Hamilton, Manager, Corporate Services

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