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Flying Now? Be Prepared and Be Flexible

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in Coronavirus - COVID

Flying Now? Be Prepared and Be Flexible

Yesterday one of our Ackah Law lawyers was flying home to Calgary when her flight was delayed over 3 hours. Which meant her required negative COVID PCR test expired during that 3-hour delay. Which meant she had to take another COVID test at the airport because tests must be valid within 72 hours of your return flight. That airport COVID test result was invalid. So she had to schedule another COVID test. The following day. For $300 USD, at her own expense.

When she was delayed at the airport her required negative COVID text expired through no fault of her own, then she was required to spend another $300 dollars for a new COVID test, and although the airline rebooked her flight she had to pay for a hotel, meal and expenses. Not to mention the stress, confusion and miscommunications along the way.

Welcome to the world of travel during COVID. The reality is, even as the borders are reopening and even if you are fully prepared and following every updated travel rule and requirement, through no fault of your own you may miss flights, you may be subject to additional costs and tests, and you may have additional hotel and meal expenses.

The news is full of healthy, fully vaccinated travellers who tested negative prior to their flight and flew without incident to their destination. But then they tested positive for COVID within 72 hours prior to their return flight home and they were required to quarantine in a hotel for up to 10 days - at their own expense. Not to mention flight change fees, missed work and other consequences of a positive COVID test that are not covered under travel insurance.

Be Prepared. Be Flexible.

Many travellers who are young, healthy, vaccinated and informed about the latest travel requirements are not prepared for the unexpected delays and costs of that are actually happening at the airports.

  1. Reverify all travel requirements before you depart and before you return. They are changing rapidly.
  2. Budget for contingencies. Some travellers are experiencing additional costs into the thousands of dollars for unplanned testing and hotels costs, while others are not having any issues.
  3. Check your travel insurance to verify what is and what isn't covered under your policy.
  4. If you want to travel to Canada (or really anywhere), it is best to take your test within 48 hours of your departure time to give yourself a 24 hour grace period to accommodate unexpected circumstances.
  5. If you are crossing international borders for business, consult an immigration lawyer to make sure your paperwork is in order. All vaccines are not accepted, all countries are not included in reopened borders and there are many travel exemptions.

Know Before You Go

Before you get on the plane, before you risk missing a flight or being refused entry, give us a call at Ackah Business Immigration Law for the latest updates on crossing borders seamlessly for work, for study, for family. Let's make sure everything is in place and that you're prepared to travel.

Contact Ackah Law at 403-452-9515 or contact@ackahlaw.com.

    Evelyn L. Ackah, BA, LL.B.

    Founder/Managing Lawyer

    Ms. Ackah is passionate about immigration law because it focuses on people and relationships, which are at the core of her personal values. Starting her legal career as a corporate/commercial ...

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    In my role leading Human Resources and Corporate Services environments over the years, it has been my pleasure to work with Ackah Business Immigration Law, engaging their services and legal counsel for a wide variety of immigration matters. I have found their practice to be professional, knowledgeable and responsive, always at the forefront in educating clients on the changing face of Immigration legislation and requirements. It is my pleasure to recommend Ackah Business Immigration Law as experts in their field.

    – Marci Hamilton, Manager, Corporate Services

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