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Alberta Vaccine Passport and QR Code Provide Proof of Vaccination

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in Calgary and Alberta Immigration

Alberta Vaccine Passport and QR Code Provide Proof of Vaccination

Update November 16, 2021: Alberta's QR code app has been released, and Alberta now requires a QR code for its vaccine passport program.

Many businesses, employers and organizations have begun to implement vaccine requirement policies. Residents of Calgary, Edmonton and throughout Alberta have two new ways to provide proof that they have received the Covid vaccinations. The Alberta government has released a watermarked vaccine passport and QR code to make it easier for residents of Alberta to provide proof of vaccination.

Alberta Health Services released a watermarked vaccine passport on September 20 for residents who need proof of vaccination to visit businesses and attend events in the province. Many businesses and organizations will require proof of vaccination to enter, but under the Restrictions Exemption Program, some organizations will be exempt from 'capacity limits and other public health measures.' The watermark is a security measure that makes the passport difficult to forge or tamper with.

The QR code was released on October 1 to The QR code proof of vaccination can also be downloaded and printed on paper as proof of vaccination. The QR code can be stored on a smartphone, and read with a QR scanner app. Other Canadian provinces have already successfully developed and launched similar QR code apps. QR codes have built-in privacy and security features.

Albertans 12 and older can get their vaccine record with a QR code at alberta.ca/CovidRecords.

International Travel

Albertans cannot use Canada's vaccine passport system for international travel because it does not yet meet Canada's national standards announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The national standards use the 'SMART Health Card format recognized by the International Standards Organization and tech companies like Apple and Android.'

The Alberta passport and QR code are expected to meet standards for international travel by the holiday season. According to Alberta Health Services,

The passports will have verification measures to prevent falsification and can be used with the ArriveCan app when Canadians return from abroad.

Proof Of Vaccination

The vaccine passport and QR code are two additional ways Albertans can provide proof of vaccination and are intended to make it easier and faster for Albertans to show that they have received their Covid vaccination. Neither tool will replace existing ways for Albertans to provide proof of vaccination, including:

  • a paper record from a vaccination provider
  • a downloaded record from a vaccination provider
  • a screenshot or printed copy of their proof of vaccination

Alberta's app to scan vaccine QR codes on a smartphone will be available when they are released by app stores.

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