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5 Reasons American Expats Choose Canada

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in How To Move To Canada

5 Reasons American Expats Choose Canada

Canada is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for Americans who want to move to a better quality of life. While some people look for a change of scenery by moving from the city to the quieter countryside for respite, others want a more extensive lifestyle change by immigrating to a new country where life seems simpler, safer and healthier. American's neighbor to the North offers an exceptional quality of life for American expats who choose Canada.

How to Move to Canada from the United States:
A Guide for Americans Looking North


Canada immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah

Canada immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah says the reasons many American companies decide to open a location in Canada are the same benefits individuals want to move to Canada:

Many American businesses are choosing to move their highly skilled and talented workforce to Canada. Similarly, many families and individuals know Canada's reputation for a good place to raise a family, with a strong educational and health system plus a friendly, society that welcomes newcomers.

Why American Expats Choose Canada

Canada is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for Americans who want to move to a better quality of life. Here are five benefits for American expats who want to move to Canada:

1. Communication and Culture
Canada and the U.S. share the same language and similar cultures. Education, business practices and work-life customs are very similar in America and Canada. Access to the comforts of home such as watching your favorite TV show or buying your favorite foods in Canada is a reality, and not having to learn a new language makes it easier for Americans to assimilate into their new life in Canada.

2. Geographic Proximity
The United States and Canada share a border from coast to coast. So that means for American companies on the East Coast, the West Coast or in the MidWest the cost of traveling to Canada is considerably less than traveling to Europe or Asia. Technology plus close proximity makes it easy for Americans to stay connected with family and friends back home.

3. Financial
Currently, the Canadian dollar is lower in value than the American dollar; the exchange rate is $.77 U.S. = $1 CA. This means that by near-sourcing work to Canada, an American company saves approximately 25% - or, they can spend the same amount, and get nearly 25% more work for the same cost!

4. Remote Work
Many people are now able to work remotely in their current job. American remote workers, freelancers, and the self-employed are digital nomads who can #WorkFromWherever and don't need to find a job when they move to Canada.

5. Canada Has 3 of the Top 10 Most Livable Cities in the World
Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver were named North America's Most Livable Cities in 2019, and are the only cities in North America that made the list. Government-based programs and services such as health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure are available to all residents. A low crime rate and emphasis on growing the economy contribute to Canada's high quality of living.

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Ackah Law Has Offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto

If you want to move to Canada, Ackah Business Immigration Law has three offices in Canada to provide our clients with the best possible service and expertise in Canadian and U.S. Immigration Law.


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Evelyn Ackah

Founder/Managing Lawyer

Ms. Ackah is passionate about immigration law because it focuses on people and relationships, which are at the core of her personal values. Starting her legal career as a corporate/commercial ...

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