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Maximizing Business Growth Through the Global Talent Stream: Fast-Track Immigration for High-Demand Skills

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah

Maximizing Business Growth Through the Global Talent Stream: Fast-Track Immigration for High-Demand Skills

Many skilled workers overlook Canada’s “Global Talent Stream.” This immigration program can provide you with a work permit in just a few weeks, giving you a new home in Canada and a new employer.. While Canada has numerous work-related immigration programs, the Global Talent Stream is certainly something worth considering – and prioritizing. Internet research is a positive first step when pursuing immigration goals, but a Legal Strategy Sessionwith a business immigration lawyer in Canada could provide further insights. During a paid legal strategy session, you can learn more about this program’s benefits, eligibility requirements and confirm if you qualify. Make sure to book a free consultation call with one of our client engagement coordinators to see if you are eligible for a Legal Strategy Session with one of our lawyers.

What Is the Global Talent Stream in Canada?

As the name implies, the Global Talent Stream is designed to bring as many talented workers to Canada as possible. If you have specific skills or experience in technology, IT, Software Development etc., you could qualify for a work permit under this program. But how exactly does it work?

The Global Talent Stream falls under the “Global Skills Strategy.” This federal immigration program, also known as “GSS,” promises to process the Labour Market Impact Assessment application in just 14 days; making it the fastest possible way to gain a work permit and settle in Canada. Realistically, the first stage may take 14 days, but the work permit will take longer if the application needs to be processed at a Canadian Consulate.

That being said, the Global Talent Stream is not available for everyone. You may only qualify if you have specific skills, and these skills depend on Canada’s domestic labour market. The logic is quite straightforward: Canada needs this program because many Canadians lack the skills to carry out those specific jobs. With no local workers available, the Canadian government is forced to turn to other nations.

Currently, Canada is prioritizing those skilled in areas like engineering and technology. In other words, these are “STEM” fields. Many other nations – including the United States – are also prioritizing these workers on a global scale. However, Canada’s skilled worker programs are generally easier to qualify for, compared to those of its southern neighbour. Recognizing that Canada represents an easier goal to the United States, many foreign workers are choosing the “True North” instead.

How Does the Global Talent Stream Work?

The Global Talent Stream streamlines Labour Market Impact Assessments – also known as LMIAs. These assessments help determine whether a Canadian worker has permission to hire a foreign worker instead of a Canadian worker. Normally, this process takes months to complete. With the Global Talent Stream, however, employers can hire foreign workers in a matter of weeks.

How Do I Qualify for the Global Talent Stream?

You can qualify for the Global Talent Stream in two ways. The first is with a “designated partner referral,” which involves a “designated partner organization specifically approving a Canadian employer for foreign hiring. Under this designation, the skilled worker must earn a minimum salary that borders on six figures. Wage requirements may vary depending on the circumstances, so speak with an immigration lawyer for more specific guidance. The worker must also have genuinely advanced knowledge in a specific field. Alternatively, they can qualify with an advanced degree, as long as they have at least five years of work experience.

A worker can also qualify for the Global Talent Stream if they have an “in-demand occupation.” Speak with an immigration lawyer to review the full list of these in-demand occupations. Keep in mind that this list may change from time to time, and it is somewhat random in nature. For example, the current list contains mining engineers and aerospace engineers – two professions that are obviously highly specialized. However, the list also contains some professions that may be surprising to some.

For example, one in-demand occupation is an “artistic director” for a video game. The artistic nature of this profession may not require STEM degrees, but it technically lies within a technical field (video game production). Speak with a business immigration lawyer in Canada to review your options in more detail. Do not assume that you are ineligible just because you lack specialized or technical knowledge.

The Global Talent Stream Requires Additional Work From Employers

Keep in mind that your employer might have to take various steps to help secure your new work permit. Unlike many other work permits, there are two application processes to consider: One submitted by the worker and another submitted by the employer. The employer must take numerous steps, including the submission of a Labour Market Benefits Plan.

In this document, they must explain how hiring a foreign worker will benefit the Canadian labour market. This can be challenging, especially as many claim that foreign workers negatively impact domestic workers. Finally, companies must establish that hiring a foreign worker helps them achieve at least two of the following goals:

  • More jobs

  • Better training

  • More diversity

  • More knowledge

  • Higher performance

  • Better policies

A business immigration lawyer can work with employers and employees, guiding both parties through this multi-faceted application process.

Additional Steps for Fast Processing

With a few simple steps, you can expedite processing – ensuring faster work permit approvals. First, you can apply online if you live outside of Canada. You can also streamline this process by completing a medical exam if required. Often, you will need to provide a police certificate – as this helps the Canadian government ensure that you lack a criminal record. Finally, you might need to translate certain documents if they’re not in French or English. Speak with an immigration lawyer to learn more about these requirements.

Contact an Experienced Business Immigration Lawyer in Canada

If you’ve been searching for an experienced business immigration lawyer in Canada, look no further than Ackah Law. We have spent years assisting new immigrants who want to start new lives in Canada. Whether you are a skilled worker, an entrepreneur, or a corporate executive, moving to Canada could be easier than you realize. While the Global Talent Stream represents a promising choice, there are many other options for immigrants in Canada. To learn more about your immigration options, why not book a free consultation with an Ackah Law Client Engagement Coordinator? Reach out today – and take your first steps toward a new beginning in Canada.

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