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Episode 20: How Indian Tech Workers Can Move From the United States to Canada

Podcast posted on by Evelyn Ackah in How To Move To Canada, Skilled Foreign Worker Program, Podcast and India Immigration

Episode 20: How Indian Tech Workers Can Move From the United States to Canada

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Canada immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah spoke to Dr. Alka Chopra Madan, founder of Global Women Power, and Nancy Tobesman, Vice President at Global Women Power, about how Indian foreign workers and business owners in the United States can move to Canada to work or open a business, and then make Canada their permanent home.

The conversation included immigration topics:

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Evelyn L. Ackah, BA, LL.B.

Founder/Managing Lawyer

Ms. Ackah is passionate about immigration law because it focuses on people and relationships, which are at the core of her personal values. Starting her legal career as a corporate/commercial ...

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Episode 36: Enoch Omololu: Helping Newcomers Become Savvy New Canadians

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We just got out of our interview and getting a new SIN paper for Ivan's permanent residency. Thank you so much you guys made this possible for us and we are so thankful for all you have done.

- N and I

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