Moving to Canada from the United States

Are you concerned about the impact of the recent election in the United States? Have you been thinking about moving to Canada and now want to make the leap up north? Ackah Business Immigration Law can help you.

Whether you are an individual, a family or a business owner; we can review your situation and needs to determine what avenues are available for you to move to Canada.  Based on your timing and requirements, we can help you move to Canada with as little stress as possible.

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Ackah Business Immigration Law is a boutique law firm specializing in Canadian and cross-border immigration law. We focus on our personal commitment to building long-term professional relationships with individuals, families and corporations. We offer our clients, advanced, cost-effective and responsive immigration expertise.

We are based in Calgary, Alberta, but we assist clients who wish to immigrate all across Canada from coast to coast. Our innovative approach to client management, strategic advice, alternative fee structures and 24-7 accessibility to our immigration team is what makes our firm truly unique.

Contact us today to begin your new life in Canada – (403) 452-9515.