Will Your Past Criminality Affect Your Future In Canada?

19 April 2017

Can I enter Canada if I have one DUI from 12 years ago in the U.S.?

If it has been 12 years since the completion of your sentence for the DUI in the U.S. you may be eligible to seek deemed rehabilitation at a Canadian port of entry (POE) upon your arrival, however, you should be well prepared to make this request and ensure you have the necessary information or documents in hand to prove that it is only one conviction from 12 years ago.


I have several convictions from over 30 years ago.  Will I be able to enter Canada and obtain a Canadian Work Permit?

Because there are several convictions, you would not be able to apply for deemed rehabilitation at the POE. You would have to apply for Individual Rehabilitation through a Canadian Consulate.


My Husband is American and I am Canadian.  We would like to move to Canada.   Will his past Criminality impact my ability to sponsor him?

Depending on your husband’s charge, conviction or sentence and how long ago the offence(s) occurred, he may be found to be inadmissible to Canada and not eligible to be sponsored for permanent residence in Canada.


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