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25 May 2017


I have 389 points for Express Entry.  How can I increase my score?

The last Express Entry round of Invitations to Apply issued on May 17th had a cutoff point score of 415.  Previous 2017 cutoffs were:

May 4, 2017 423
April 19, 2017 415
April 12, 2017 423
April 5, 2017 431
March 24, 2017 441
March 1, 2017 434
February 22, 2017 441
February 8, 2017 447
January 25, 2017 453
January 11, 2017 459
January 4, 2017 468

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My daughter is 19 and is in University, can I include her in my Canadian Permanent Residence application as a dependent?

Currently, dependents are defined in Canadian immigration law as children under the age of 19 – even if they are in post-secondary school and are completely dependent on their parents. This has caused a lot of disruption and stress for families who are forced to leave their children out of permanent residence applications.

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I am an Alberta employer and I need to hire a skilled foreign worker, but the position is now one of the 29 High-Wage occupations listed on ESDC’s Refusal to Process List - what can I do?

Alberta employers who want to hire skilled foreign workers through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program may need to spend more time on their hiring strategy in order to meet their ongoing business obligations. 

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My Canadian Husband is sponsoring me for Canadian Permanent Residence. Is it true that if we separate within 2 years I will lose my Permanent Residence status?

Fortunately for sponsored spouses, loss of Permanent Residence status in Canada is no longer something that they will need to worry about when faced with the prospect of divorcing their Canadian partner after less than two years of marriage. 

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