September 2013 eBlast

27 September 2013

We are sending this Bulletin to share important information about the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers strike to all our Alberta based clients.

We have just found out that Treasury Board president, Tony Clement, has announced that the two sides, PAFSO and the Treasury Board of Canada have reached a deal. Both sides signed the agreement and PAFSO will recommend the deal to its members and hopes to have a ratification vote within 10 days.​

“The settlement represents the efforts of both parties to reach an agreement that is aligned with what was accepted by other public- and private-sector employees," Clement said.

“This is the same balanced and consistent approach which has allowed the government to settle 26 of 27 collectively bargained agreements in the core public administration.”

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26 September 2013 - Canada’s Foreign Service Officers Reach Tentative Agreement with Federal Government

The Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers is pleased to announce that a tentative agreement has been reached with the Treasury Board of Canada to end our six-month labour dispute.

“PAFSO is satisfied with this deal,” said PAFSO President Tim Edwards.“  This agreement was reached through compromises on both sides,” continued Edwards. “We salute the spirit of constructive engagement which our employer brought to our latest discussions. This deal is a victory for free and fair bargaining in the federal public service.”

With the signing of this tentative agreement PAFSO has ordered an immediate suspension of all strike measures and work to rule. The agreement requires ratification by the PAFSO membership and approval by the full Treasury Board. PAFSO’s Executive Committee and Treasury Board president Tony Clement have agreed to recommend acceptance of the offer.

“We are pleased that the Government has recognized the tremendous value and dedication which Foreign Service Officers provide to Canadians and their elected representatives,” said Edwards. “It has been a hard-fought battle and I would like to salute the unity, resolve, and stamina of our members in securing a fair and equitable deal. We’re excited to get back to doing the work we love, promoting and protecting Canada’s values and interests abroad.”

The 1,350 Foreign Service Officers have been without a contract since July 1, 2011 and in a legal strike position since April 2, 2013. This agreement concludes the longest federal public service strike since the introduction of collective bargaining in 1967.


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