June 2013 Newsletter

19 June 2013

Hello from all of us at Ackah Business Immigration Law!  We are sending our June newsletter earlier than usual in the month due to some recent developments that we want to ensure you are aware of. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions arising from this newsletter.


CIC Strike Activity 

The Professional Association of Foreign Services Officers (PAFSO) union is currently taking strike action at visa offices in Canada and overseas. This strike activity will certainly affect visa application processing times.  Although application processing times are still available on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, these processing times do not take into account work stoppages caused by PAFSO’s strike action. 

This strike will likely impact all of the CIC’s action plans to reduce application backlogs. 

Please be aware that the processing times for both Temporary Residence and Permanent Residence applications, such as work permits, permanent residence applications and visa applications will likely be delayed by the strike

To avoid lengthy delays, we recommend that businesses should plan ahead as much as possible and build in an additional couple of months of processing time for any upcoming applications to avoid interruption of services. 

Processing times for temporary work visas can be found at:


Extension of the Pilot Project for Dependent Children aged in BC and Ontario

These pilot projects have now been extended until February 14, 2014 in BC and May 23, 2014 in Ontario. This is good news for many foreign workers with accompanying dependent children as they are able to continue to obtain open work permits while in Canada. In Ontario, dependent children are able to obtain work permits (minimum 14 years old) and in BC, open work permits are issued to working-age dependent children (18 – 22 years old).

Generally, these open work permits have a validity period of two years.  The agreement also allows these dependents to be exempt from the requirement to obtain a Labour Market Opinion (LMO).   The applicant must still meet all admissibility criteria in order to obtain status as a Temporary Resident in Canada.

CIC has not yet provided information on if or when this pilot project will be extended in Alberta, but we do hope it will be announced shortly, given the popularity of this program.

Please see below for more information:


Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

As of May 31, 2013 AINP has reduced the number of years of work experience a candidate needs in order to qualify to apply for the Manufacturing Industry, Semi-Skilled Worker Category.

Please see below for more information:


As of May 31, 2013 AINP has put into place a short-term initiative to help Alberta employers in the hotel and lodging industry meet their labour needs.  This initiative temporarily removes the 2013 calendar year allocation limit per property for Front Desk Clerks/Agents, Food and Beverage Servers, and Room Attendants.

Please see below for more information:


Effective May 17, 2013 AINP has implemented a short-term initiative to assist Alberta employers in the trucking industry to meet their labour needs.  The existing trucking industry category will be temporarily expanded to include heavy haul drivers servicing all industries in Alberta.  There is no limit on the number of eligible Candidate applications an Alberta Employer may submit during this initiative. Applications must be postmarked or delivered in person on or before November 28, 2013 to be considered for this initiative.

Please see below for more information:



We hope that you have found this newsletter both helpful and informative.  Please let us know how we may be of assistance and how you can leverage our expertise in helping meet your business needs.  Should you wish to discuss further the impact of any of these changes, we encourage you to contact our office in Alberta. 

*Please note that this immigration alert has been created for informational purposes only and cannot be relied upon as legal advice.

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