February 2019

8 February 2019

Express Entry Updates and Free Score Calculator 

Express Entry is Canada's skilled-worker immigration application system, launched in January 2015, to attract high-skilled foreign workers and former international students who want to live in Canada permanently and whose in-demand skills are needed by employers across the country. 

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Canada Spousal Sponsorship & Work Permits: Facebook Live February 14 

Do you have questions about spousal sponsorship? Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah will answer your questions about spousal sponsorship to Canada February 14 at 10am MT on Facebook Live. We will be talking about spousal sponsorship, conjugal sponsorship and all things spousal immigration.  

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PGP Sponsorship Reopened Jan 28: What Went Wrong, and What You Can Do Now 

Canada's Parent Grandparent Sponsorship Program (PGP) reopened for applications in a first-come, first-served online application system on January 28, and IRCC and Immigration Minister Hussen are now facing serious criticism from families and immigration lawyers due to the way the relaunch was handled.  

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How to Spend Your Time:
When You Realize That Your Time is More Valuable Than Your Money 

"Evelyn Ackah, owner of Evelyn Ackah Business Immigration Law, juggles a demanding career and family life as a single mom by delegating anything she can and buying more time for what’s important to her." 

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