April 2019

25 April 2019

How to Enter Canada If You've Been Convicted of Marijuana Use or Related Crimes 

Do you have a US criminal record for a minor or serious crime and are concerned you will be denied entry to Canada? Average people and celebrities can overcome criminal inadmissibility, including for marijuana-related crimes. 

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6 Months In: What Employees Who Travel Between Canada and the US Need to Know About Cannabis Legalization 

Canada legalized the recreational use of marijuana 6 months ago, in October 2018. Employees who travel between Canada and the United States continue to have concerns about how legalized recreational marijuana in Canada and some US states impacts crossing the Canada-US border for business. 

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How Marijuana Impaired Driving Penalties Can Result in Deportation from Canada 

Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis in October 2018, and on December 18, 2018, Canada enacted new impaired driving penalties and the maximum penalty for most of these crimes increased to 10 years from five. This means that marijuana-related impaired driving penalties now are considered serious crimes for immigration determination purposes that can result in loss of status and deportation.



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