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3 May 2019

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Episode 1: Canada Spousal Sponsorships  & Work Permits on Ask Canada Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah 

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Show Notes:

Canada places a high priority on family reunification immigration. The Family Class Application is a way for a permanent resident or citizen of Canada to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner to immigrate to Canada.  

Open Work Permit Pilot for Spouses and Partners Extended 
On January 30, 2019, Canada's IRCC extended the open work permit pilot program for in-Canada family class spouses and common-law partners applying for permanent residence until July 31, 2020. This program gives spouses or common-law partners the opportunity to continue to work in Canada while waiting for their spousal sponsorship applications to be finalized. This pilot program allows applicants to apply for an open work permit with or any time after they submit an application for permanent residence in the SCLPC class. More information on OWPPP is available here. 


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