How Does Ackah Law Support the Immigrant Community? Do You Do Pro Bono Work? Do You Hire Immigrants?

Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah:
Importance of Hiring Newcomers via Immigrant Services Calgary

Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah, founder and managing lawyer of Ackah Business Immigration Law, explains why it’s important to support the immigrant community and hire foreign-trained professionals who are newcomers to Canada. As a Canada and US immigration lawyer, Evelyn recommends employers participate in the Immigrant Services Calgary program to provide internships to skilled foreign professionals to give them Canadian work experience, and the many benefits of hiring foreign-trained professionals.

Ackah Law Articling Student Grace Akpan and Immigrant Services Calgary

When Nigerian lawyer Grace Akpan moved to Calgary, Canada, Immigrant Services Canada helped her find employment with Ackah Business Immigration Law, and soon after was offered a position as an Articling Student by Managing Lawyer Evelyn Ackah. Grace has since been offered a permanent position once she is called to the Alberta bar. 


Ackah Law is committed to supporting the immigrant community in Calgary and across Canada by volunteering time and providing sponsorships to community organizations.