The Cost of Childcare: Nanny Wages in Canada

1 September 2017

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Nanny Evelyn Ackah Immigration Lawyer

Large cities in Canada attract many individuals who want to work as childcare givers and nannies. Location and employer demographics play a large part in setting wages; the hourly or weekly nanny rate is typically significantly higher in larger cities where rent, food and utilities are also higher. Many families in Canada need the help of in-home nannies to provide childcare so that working parents can support their families, and other families are searching for caregivers for elderly or disabled members. 

Canadian employers must pay employees their province's minimum hourly, weekly or monthly wage for that specific type of employee, as mandated in the Labour Employment Standards. The current mandated hourly minimum wage for nannies is:

  • Toronto:        $111.54  
  • Vancouver:   $11.oo 
  • Calgary:        $15.00 
  • Halifax:         $13.00 

A live-in nanny typically earns less than a live-out caregiver because live-in nannies receive room and board in addition to their wages. In addition, the age of the child, other assigned duties and length of work day all contribute the caregiver's pay. 

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Nanny 

To move to Canada as a childcare giver the applicant must fill out the application form for the work permit visa as a child caregiver. Canada's caregiver program is designed to help workers from other countries work as in-home caregivers when there is a shortage of domestic help in Canada. This same program allows caregivers and nannies to apply for residency after two years of working as a caregiver. The legal requirements to move to Canada as a childcare giver can be confusing and may require the assistance of an immigration lawyer so that important requirements, deadlines and fees are complete and on time. 

Immigrants to Canada who work as in-home caregivers and want to become permanent Canadian residents must meet Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's (IRCC) Caregiver Program requirements: 

  • Approved at a visa office outside of Canada
  • Valid work permit as the caregiver for an employer in Canada
  • They must have worked full-time for at least two years before they can apply for Permanent Resident status, or have 3,900 hours of authorized employment within 22 months
  • They must have gained all work experience within four years of arrival in Canada 

Reforms made to the IRCC Caregiver Program in November 2014 were intended to give more opportunities to caregivers to become Permanent Residents,  ensure that workers' rights are upheld, and shortened the processing time for caregiver permanent resident applicants. 

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