Employee Spotlight: Tammy Taylor, Client Service Coordinator / Legal Assistant

5 October 2018

Employee Spotlight Tammy Taylor Client Service Coordinator Legal Assistant Evelyn Ackah Ackah Business Immigration Law 2

Meet Ackah Law Client Service Coordinator / Legal Assistant Tammy Taylor:

Prior to starting her legal career, Tammy Taylor spent over twenty years in the Real Estate industry where she ran her own businesses and developed a passion for helping people navigate the challenges of real estate ownership.

In 2016, Tammy returned to school and completed her legal assistant studies at CDI College. Tammy is excited about serving clients in her new chosen field of Immigration Law. Her background in client service and relationship management is a key asset to her role of Client Service Coordinator and Legal Assistant at Ackah Business Immigration Law. 

In her spare time, Tammy enjoys the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary Opera, hiking, walking, reading, and spending time with her two sons. 

Q&A with Tammy Taylor, Client Service Coordinator / Legal Assistant

1. Why did you become a legal assistant? 
After many years of working in the Real Estate and construction industry, I was tired of the ups-and-downs in the fluctuating Calgary market. I wanted to work in an industry with more stability. I was always interested in law, so training to become a legal assistant seemed like a good fit. 

2. How did you decide to work in immigration law?
I chose immigration law because it provides an opportunity to work in a generally positive environment with clients from all over the world. In Business Immigration Law, we help clients solve the problem of crossing borders for work or for changing family situations and navigate what is often a very complex process.

I like working in an industry where we are helping clients solve problems that are usually related to a positive life event, a job promotion or a marriage for example. Interacting with people from around the world allows me to see what life for non-Canadians is like.

3. What’s a typical day for you?
A typical day for me is busy, unpredictable, and exciting. Some of my main responsibilities as a legal office assistant are to manage the lawyer’s busy calendar, open the client files, and to assist the legal professionals as much as I can. We rely heavily on technology in our office so I am always learning new software programs and gaining new skills. 

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