Employee Spotlight: Courtney Prior, Client Engagement Coordinator

26 October 2018

Courtney Prior

Meet Courtney Prior, Client Engagement Coordinator: 

Courtney studied Interdisciplinary Studies at The University of British Columbia, which allowed her to explore her interests in history, cultural studies and the social arts. 

She has had a passion for travel and after a year away in India and Southeast Asia, she returned to Vancouver to start her career in Project Management and assisting those in the nonprofit sector. She then moved to London, England without a job or anywhere to live and found herself pursuing project management with a consultancy firm focused on nonprofits and travel clients - combining two of her greatest passions. Despite a busy schedule, she found time to explore the city, Europe and volunteer with Crisis over Christmas and in animal care at a wildlife rescue center which allowed her to give back and explore her other interests in animals and the local environment. 

When her visa expired Courtney decided to take advantage of another way to get to know a new place, so she volunteered for 8 months throughout the Middle East and South Africa where she was treated well, made many friends and came back home with a greater intent to help those who are trying to come to Canada for a better life. 

In this way, her position with Ackah Law not only allows her to help people from all over the world but also aids our firm’s business processes through her experience working for consultancies.  

Q&A with Courtney Prior, Client Engagement Coordinator 

1. Why did you become a Client Engagement Coordinator? 
I’ve always been interested in helping people, and to really know what makes us different but also more interestingly what makes us similar. I have had a strong interest in immigration and wasn’t sure how I could help without being an actual lawyer. I’m happy to say that I have found out how, I love speaking with people all over the world, listening to their stories and offering to help. I am able to forge connections and help navigate through the sometimes frustrating immigration system we have. Now more than ever do I feel proud of my career choice and debunking how easy many people in this country think it is to come to Canada. I was lucky enough to be born here, and I’ve been many other equally amazing places that people are required to leave for one reason or another.

I help bring the most amazing and talented people to Canada to achieve their dreams, and I think it’s making Canada stronger as a result. 

2. What kinds of clients do you work with? 
I think that I have the best job here at Ackah Law as I spend all day talking to people from all over the world who need help, and it is my job to talk about their situations and provide solutions. It is rewarding and so interesting to hear stories from all over the world, from personal journeys to building businesses. It makes you realize that everyone just wants to be safe, successful and provide the best future for their family and I am proud to say we provide the options for this.  

3. Why does someone need to hire an immigration lawyer? 
Unfortunately, many people think that they can figure the system out themselves which can lead to misinterpretation and delays. It’s presumably their first time applying to move to Canada, and when you apply yourself you don't know what to expect.

I talk to many people who have been rejected simply because they misunderstood their eligibility or they omitted important information in their application; they then come to us to reapply properly. But it is advantageous to get an immigration lawyer to get your application done correctly and quickly the first time, as you don’t always have a second chance. We have successfully submitted immigration applications of all kinds, so we’ve seen similar situations before and know what needs to be done to ensure it is accepted. This type of experience and knowledge can’t be accessed without using an immigration lawyer. 

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