Introducing Ackah Business Immigration Law

19 April 2016

 We created Ackah Business Immigration Law to focus on what we do best and to offer clients advanced, cost-effective, responsive immigration expertise.  We specialize exclusively on immigration law and focus on our personal commitment to building long-term professional relationships with individuals or corporations.  Ackah Business Immigration Law represents small, medium and large corporations from all over the world. We are based here in Alberta, but we assist clients globally.  Our innovative approach to client management, strategic advice, alternative fee structures and 24-7 accessibility to our immigration team is what makes our firm truly unique.

 Ackah Business Immigration Law focuses exclusively on immigration law – all aspects of it.  Our “average” client can have as few as two and as many as 200,000 employees, one office in one country or 60 offices across six continents (we haven’t had one with an office in Antarctica yet!).  We act for employers and employees, corporations and individuals.  We are generally engaged by HR or General Counsel, but we can work with any point of contact within an organization.  We are accessible, accountable, and very, very effective.

 At Ackah Business Immigration Law, we provide a full range of Canadian, US and International immigration law services, including:

 * Work Permit applications for Canada and the US

* Permanent Residence applications for Canada and the US

* Study Permits for Canada and the US

* Labour Market Impact Assessment applications

* Assistance to obtain travel visas for international travel

* Citizenship applications

* Spousal Sponsorship applications

* Temporary Resident visa applications

* Assistance to overcome inadmissibility issues due to criminal history or medical inadmissibility

 The business immigration services provided by Evelyn Ackah and her team at Ackah Business Immigration Law allow you to focus on  your core business and take the stress out of transferring or hiring foreign workers. I invite you to review our website found below and learn more about me and our team and what we can do to assist you. I have also attached our electronic brochure for your review.

 You can also find some testimonials from some of our clients on our website for ease of reference -

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