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6 Months In: What Employees Who Travel Between Canada and the US Need to Know About Cannabis Legalization

24 April 2019

Canada legalized the recreational use of marijuana 6 months ago, in October 2018. Employees who travel between Canada and the United States continue to have concerns about how legalized recreational marijuana in Canada and some US states impacts crossing the Canada-US border for business. 

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Medical Conditions That Can Prevent You From Entering Canada

24 January 2019

If IRCC determines that your health condition will pose an excessive demand on Canada’s public health care system, you may be denied entry to Canada based on medical inadmissibility. You can appeal that decision. There is no guarantee of success, but our immigration law team at Ackah Law has the knowledge and resources to appeal your case. 

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Canada's New Medical Inadmissibility Rules

19 April 2018

Canada announced new medical inadmissibility immigration policy for persons with disabilities that "better align with Canadian values," effective immediately. 

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Canada's Medical Inadmissibility Immigration Guidelines to Change

6 December 2017

Canada Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said that Canada's medical inadmissibility immigration guidelines need to change and are not aligned with the country's values of inclusion. 

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