Canada's New Cannabis Laws and Cross-Border Travel: An Employer's Perspective (Watch)

26 September 2018


TranscriptCanada's New Cannabis Laws and Cross-Border Travel: An Employer's Perspective 
I wanted 
to talk about the new marijuana laws that are coming into force in Canada in October. From an employer perspective, you really need to be considering if you're ready for the new laws. Obviously from an employment law perspective there is a lot to consider  - but have you considered that when you send your employees across the border and you are working for a cannabis company in any way, or use or even on are on the board of a cannabis or marijuana type business, that you're putting your employees and directors at risk?

You really need to consider what the impact could be for them if they're at all involved in the marijuana industry at any level. Even though it is legal in Canada - it will be in October across the country  - it's not a federally legal drug in the United States. 

Only certain States have allowed marijuana use and possession businesses so you really need to be careful if you're sending people cross-border. Seek out legal advice in advance: be prepared. They need to know how to respond when questioned about previous historical cannabis use, their employment situation if they're working for a cannabis company and their involvement in any boards or organizations dealing with cannabis. 

Please give me a call at Ackah Business Immigration Law (403) 452‑9515 to learn more about the impact of the marijuana laws and your cross-border employees. 

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