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Top 10 Mistakes That Will Sink Your Canada Immigration Application

21 January 2019

Mistakes in your Canada immigration application can cost you time and money - and may result in rejection of your application. There is no guarantee of success, but avoiding these 10 immigration application mistakes will give your application a better chance of success. 

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5 Reasons Your Canada Visitor Visa Was Denied

20 January 2019

We get a lot of people contacting Ackah Law after their visitor visa application to Canada is denied. if you have specific questions about your TRV, it is wise to consult legal experts to determine what requirements are in place for your country of origin. Here are the top 5 reasons why Canada visitor visas are denied. 

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Technology Immigrants Drive Canada's Economic Growth

17 January 2019

Technology immigrants continue to drive Canada's economy. If immigration was cut by 2040 Canada's economy would feel the hit when 26.9% of Canada's population will be 65 or over. Canada is successfully attracting international academics and professionals in what has been termed a brain gain

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El Programa de Patrocinio para Padres/Abuelos en Canadá se reabrirá el 28 de enero del 2019 ¿Estás preparado?

14 January 2019

IRCC, por sus siglas en inglés) anunció el 28 de enero del 2019, el Programa de Patrocinio de Padres y Abuelos, (PGP), se reabrirá por orden de llegada para aceptar 20,500 solicitudes para ayudar a las familias a reunirse en Canadá. 

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With a Record Low Unemployment Rate Canada Needs Immigrants

8 January 2019

Canada has long targeted highly skilled and educated immigrants to help grow the economy in the face of an aging workforce. Recently, Canada has recognized that the Canadian economy also needs more low-skilled immigrants workers in trade and semi-skilled categories to fill farm, trucking and food service jobs. 

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2019 Is The Year You Should Move to Canada!

3 January 2019

Ackah Law is here to help you and your family move to Canada! 

We're excited to welcome 2019 and start a new year! We have a great team at Ackah Business Immigration Law that is committed to the purpose of our work: helping individuals, professionals and families cross borders seamlessly. 

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