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9 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Immigration Lawyer

19 October 2018

Immigration law is becoming more complex and challenging every day. Immigration applications can be refused due to minor oversights and omissions that can delay or negatively impact your business or your family reunification plans. By not using a lawyer you can be putting your business and your family at risk. Ackah Business Immigration Law can help you understand your rights and understand Canadian immigration policies as they apply to your unique circumstances. 

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Canada Can't Afford to Reduce Immigration, Despite Quebec

17 October 2018

Quebec, and the rest of Canada, are experiencing an aging population and not enough workers to fill available jobs. Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah says we need to attract qualified immigrants to Canada, and provide resources to help them successfully integrate into the Canadian way of life. Immigrants have skills, ability and knowledge that are needed to help grow our aging economy. 

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US Customs Revises Policy for Canada Marijuana Growers

12 October 2018

Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah is concerned about the impact Canada's new marijuana laws will have on cross-border business. "The US border agency's revision to their marijuana policy is good for Canadians and good for cross-border business. However, Canadians who legally invest in or use marijuana in Canada still face problems crossing the border for business or personal travel."

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Ackah Law Named 2018 Law Firm 500 Award Winner

10 October 2018

Ackah Business Immigration Law is excited and honored to be named a 2018 Law Firm 500 Award Winner.

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Employee Spotlight: Tammy Taylor, Client Service Coordinator / Legal Assistant

5 October 2018

Meet Ackah Law Client Service Coordinator / Legal Assistant Tammy Taylor: Her background in client service and relationship management is a key asset to her role of Client Service Coordinator and Legal Assistant at Ackah Business Immigration Law. 

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New US and Canada NAFTA Deal: What You Need to Know #USMCA

1 October 2018

Because of NAFTA, Canadian professionals can go to the United States and work in TN status, and provides career opportunities for Americans to work in Canada. The new USMCA agreement that will replace NAFTA is important to cross-border business. 

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New AI Technology May Discriminate Against Immigrants

28 September 2018

People's lives are at stake when immigrants and refugees apply to move to Canada. Automated decision making - AI - is problematic because it can't take into consideration the nuances of each individual's immigration application. While technology is an important and useful tool to enhance our system, it cannot be the final decision maker when Canada's security and people's lives are at stake. 

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Why American Tech is Near-Shoring to Canada

26 September 2018

As American businesses face increased taxes and public protests against outsourcing manufacturing, IT and support jobs to China and other Asian countries, Canada is becoming an attractive destination for US tech companies to export jobs. 

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Canada's New Cannabis Laws and Cross-Border Travel: An Employer's Perspective (Watch)

26 September 2018

New marijuana laws are coming into force in Canada in October. From an employer perspective, you need to consider if you're ready for the new laws, says immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah. 

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How to Move to Canada - A Guide For Americans Looking North - Free eBook

26 September 2018

Thank you for your interest in our eBook, How to Move to Canada - A Guide For Americans Looking North. As an immigrant to Canada, as well as an immigration lawyer, I’m delighted that you are interested in learning more about moving to Canada. 

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