Ackah Law Client Testimonial of the Week!

3 March 2017

When I decided to open a Canadian branch of Bright Solutions for Dyslexia, my CPA found two attorneys who could assist me.  One was Evelyn Ackah.  The other attorney was part of a very large, well-known law firm in Vancouver.  I spoke with both of them and chose Evelyn Ackah -- and I do not regret it.

 Evelyn responds rapidly and personally, by phone or email -- even on weekends and when she is on vacation in Hawaii!

She explained my options in easy-to-understand layman's terms, she created everything I needed quickly, and she helped prepare me for the business immigration interview at the airport.

Everything went extremely well, and I was granted the maximum length work permit of three years, which we didn't expect to receive as initially one only gets a 1-year term for my category.

 Evelyn Ackah's firm, Ackah Business Immigration Law helped me complete that entire process within 2 months.  It took the other large law firm more than 3 weeks just to schedule an initial phone call -- and I finally got their bill for that phone call AFTER I already had my work permit.

 If you want fast, professional, and accurate legal service, I highly recommend Evelyn Ackah.

 Susan Barton, Founder

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia

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