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What is Cross-Border Business Immigration Law?

11 December 2018

Meet Lawyer Evelyn Ackah, Cross-Border Business Immigration Expert:  

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Scientists Face Visa Roadblocks Traveling to Canada for AI Conference

6 December 2018

Canada's goal to implement AI to improve immigration efficiency and be viewed as a desirable technology hub for foreign workers hit a very public roadblock this week when international experts on AI traveling to a conference in Canada were denied visas due to a backlog. Calgary immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah has been a vocal advocate to streamline the visa bureaucratic maze while maintaining immigration standards and says we need to closely monitor the government's AI immigration pilot program. 

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Employee Spotlight: Maria Lourdes Atencio, Administrative Assistant

3 December 2018

Meet Maria Lourdes Atencio, Administrative Assistant at Ackah Business Immigration Law: 
Ackah Law is committed to hiring qualified immigrants to Canada such as Maria to help them gain Canadian work experience, and has hired several people through Immigrant Services Calgary. Maria's first language is Spanish and she is also fluent in English. Her language skills combined with her studies and previous work experience in law are a tremendous asset to Ackah Law and to our immigration clients who speak Spanish. 



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Vancouver BC Announces Immigrant Entrepreneur Pilot Program

28 November 2018

 BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration - Regional Pilot is a 2-year program that will launch in early 2019 to attract entrepreneurs with a desire to start businesses, create jobs and settle in regional centres, and contribute to their local economy.

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Ackah Law Immigration Services Promotion

21 November 2018

Ackah Business Immigration Law introduces a Limited Time Offer November 1 - December 31 2018: 

  • 20% Discount on Express Entry Applications
  • 15% Discount on Spousal Sponsorship Applications



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Canada's Economic Immigration Programs Give Us an Advantage Over the US, says Trudeau

21 November 2018

Canada has put into place programs to increase economic immigration in order to improve Canada's economy due to the aging workforce. Canada is boosting immigration to 350,000 in 2021 because "economic immigration is badly needed in areas across the country that are short on workers and long on older residents:" 

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Foreign Students are Strengthening Canada's Educational System and Economy

21 November 2018

Canada's government is facing an aging populating and declining birthrate that has serious economic consequences. Canada is an attractive destination for foreign students, and foreign students are a benefit to Canadian students and the Canadian education system.  Highly skilled and educated foreign students who want remain in Canada can help Canada solve the coming economic crisis. 

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Young Australians Up to 35 Can Work in Canada with Working Holiday Visa

19 November 2018

Canada announced updates to the Youth Mobility Arrangement between Canada and Australia that allow young professionals to gain international work experience. Now, Australians aged 18 to 35 can apply to work and travel in Canada, and Canadians aged 18 to 35 can work and travel to Australia through the IEC program

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Caution: Why Canada Permanent Residents Should Become Citizens

15 November 2018

Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah emphasizes that Canadian residents are not entitled to the same rights and privileges as Canadian citizens: "Becoming a citizen of Canada is a privilege that you must apply and qualify for. Canada is a wonderful country that offers a high quality of life and good educational and economic opportunities. Many people who want to live in Canada and become permanent or temporary residents, which offers many benefits but not the same rights and privileges as a naturalized citizen." 

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Canada Is Boosting Immigration to 350,000 in 2021

7 November 2018

The Canada government announced on October 31, 2018, that it is increasing immigration to 350,000 in 2021, primarily in economic programs to address skills shortages and gaps in the labour market.  

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