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Why Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer?

21 March 2017

Understand your rights and learn about the benefits of using an immigration lawyer from Evelyn Ackah, founder and managing lawyer at Ackah Business Immigration Law, with offices in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver. 

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Ackah Law Testimonial of the Week!

17 March 2017

Hello Evelyn,  I can’t thank you enough for ALL OF YOUR HELP. The piece of mind you have provided to me during a time when I was about ready to melt was invaluable and very much appreciated. I truly felt like you were in my corner against the mammoth.

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Rethinking plans to travel to the US? Alberta@Noon talks to Calgary immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah

15 March 2017

Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah talks to Alberta@Noon about cross-border issues and what Canadians travelling to the US should be aware of. 

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3/4 of Respondents Want Immigrants Tested for Canadian Values: Calgary Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah Responds

13 March 2017

75% of respondents to a Radio-Canada survey think immigrants should be tested on “Canadian values".

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Ackah Law Testimonial of the Week!

10 March 2017

Hi Evelyn and Team, 

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What Canadians Need to Know When Crossing US Borders

10 March 2017

Monday, March 6 US President Trump issued a new travel ban that blocks travelers from 6 countries. While not targeting travelers from Canada, some Canadians have experienced difficulties crossing US borders. Immigration lawyers advise that Canadians planning to travel to the US should understand their rights and be prepared to...

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Calgary Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah Explains How the Government Vets Immigrants and Refugees

7 March 2017

Canadian Values: Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah questions Kellie Leitch's knowledge of the current system. Ackah, the managing lawyer at the Calgary firm Ackah Business Immigration Law, spoke to the Calgary Eyeopener . 

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Ackah Law Client Testimonial of the Week!

3 March 2017

When I decided to open a Canadian branch of Bright Solutions for Dyslexia, my CPA found two attorneys who could assist me.  One was Evelyn Ackah.  The other attorney was part of a very large, well-known law firm in Vancouver.  I spoke with both of them and chose Evelyn Ackah --...

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Get the ACKAH Law Passport

6 February 2017

Whether moving for work, education or personal pursuits, you need the ACKAH Law Passport to ensure smooth sailing and confidence through the immigration process to Canada or the US.

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US Executive Order

30 January 2017

You have undoubtedly heard about the presidential executive order issued on January 27, 2017 that puts an immediate halt on entry to the United States for citizens of Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. The ban will remain in effect for 90 days and likely signals longer term changes to US immigration laws regarding the entry of these foreign nationals.

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