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Border Security Canada: What You Need to Know

17 September 2018

Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah is concerned about recent reports that most Canadians get their information about Canada's border police from a border security Canada tv show that was canceled in 2012, Border Security: Canada's Front Line. 

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What US and Canadian Employers Need to Know About Canada's New Marijuana Laws

12 September 2018

Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah explains what HR departments should do now to prevent American and Canadian employees from being banned for life from entering the United States due to Canada's new marijuana laws. 

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How Canada’s New Marijuana Laws May Impact Your US Travel

4 September 2018

Prevent Being Banned for Life From Entering the United States: Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah advises Canadians who have used or invested in a marijuana business or service to consult an immigration lawyer before they try to cross the Canada / U.S. border starting October 1, 2018. 

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Canadian Government ends the lottery system for Parental and Grandparental Sponsorship and increases number of applications accepted

29 August 2018

On August 20, 2018, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that it will be ending the lottery system for the Parents and Grandparents (PGP) Sponsorship Program and will be increasing the number of accepted applications per year to 20,500 in 2019.

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New method of calculating processing times for some permanent residence applications

29 August 2018

On August 9, 2018, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that as of July 31, 2018 they will be using an improved method to calculate processing times for some new Permanent Residence Applications. The new method of calculating processing times is based on a forward-looking approach rather than estimates based on historical data.

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Do you want to live Permanently in Canada and work in a Skilled Job?

29 August 2018

Effective June 26, 2018, the deadline to complete applications for Canadian Permanent Residence under the Express Entry immigration program is now 60 days as opposed to the previous 90 days.

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New US Tax Laws Hit Canadian Citizens AGAIN - Double Taxation?

15 August 2018

Newly proposed tax regulations by U.S. Treasury Department may violate a Canada-U.S. tax treaty that is supposed to prevent double taxation - and will hit many Canadian residents already impacted by December's new retroactive taxes that go back to 1986. 

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Free Webinar: How American Citizens Can Move to Canada

9 August 2018

Free Webinar: How to Move to Canada: A Guide for Americans Looking North
Sept 12, 12:00 noon EST / 10:00 am MT / 9:00 am PT 

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Temporary Resident Visas Refused by Canada (WATCH)

2 August 2018

This month a report was issued on the number of Temporary Resident Visas (TRV) the Canadian government has refused in the last year. The trend is definitely going up - according to The Globe and Mail, nearly  600,000 people who wanted to visit Canada for tourism, as a business visitor or even for school when they have been accepted, have been denied visas.

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