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New Pilot Program for Visible Minority Women Immigrants

21 March 2019

Canada launched a pilot project to improve the employment and career advancement of newcomer women who are visible minorities. The new 3-year Visible Minority Newcomer Women Pilot program will fund up to $7 million for new, innovative programs and services to help these women "gain access to the labour market and improve the capacity of smaller organizations that serve, or are led by visible minority women." 

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March is Fraud Prevention Month: Be Ware of Immigration Fraud

13 March 2019

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) works to raise awareness about the different types of immigration fraud, how to recognize scams and fraudulent websites, how to properly choose an immigration or citizenship lawyer, and how to report fraud.  

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Canada Commits $10 Million to Help Newcomer Immigrants Find Work

11 March 2019

With an aging workforce, Canada is actively recruiting highly skilled foreign workers to immigrate to Canada to fill open jobs and create new jobs to help grow Canada's economy. To help highly skilled newcomers find work and enter the job market more quickly, Canada announced a $10 million Call for Concepts to help internationally trained skilled newcomers to Canada get their credentials recognized, gain Canadian work experience and find work. 

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Do You Want a Tech Visa to Canada?

4 March 2019

Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah will be answering your questions about tech visas to Canada on Facebook Live @AckahBusinessImmigrationLaw on March 13, at 10am MT.  

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Canada is Launching 2 New Caregiver Immigration Pilot Programs

27 February 2019

Canada's IRCC announced on February 23, 2019, they are launching 2 new foreign caregiver immigration pilot programs so caregivers can come to Canada with their family and provide them a pathway to become permanent residents: 

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Canada Post Graduation Work Permit Updates

21 February 2019

IRCC updated the requirements for international students applying for post-graduation work permits to give students more time to submit their application. A post-graduation work permit allows students who graduated from a participating Canadian post-secondary institution to gain work experience in Canada. 

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Meet New Calgarians Brian, Michael and Phoenix

18 February 2019

Case Study: Americans Move to Canada  
Brian Owens was contacted about a career move to Calgary, Canada. As an international organization, the Calgary International Film Festival retains Ackah Business Immigration Law for guidance on immigration matters. Brian accepted his new role in August and was able to start work in Calgary a few weeks later in September. 

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7 Top Ways to Move to Canada in 2019

12 February 2019

Understanding the different options for how to move to Canada can help you avoids mistakes that can delay your immigration process and cost you time and money. Whether you want to move to Canada for work, education or personal reasons, understanding the immigration options and process can help you cross borders seamlessly and move through the immigration process with confidence. 

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Canada Spousal Sponsorship & Work Permits: Facebook Live February 14

7 February 2019

How to Bring Your Spouse or Partner to Canada: Do you have questions about spousal sponsorship? Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah answers your questions about spousal sponsorship to Canada on Facebook Live. 

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PGP Sponsorship Reopened Jan 28: What Went Wrong, and What You Can Do Now

7 February 2019

Canada's Parent Grandparent Sponsorship Program (PGP) reopened for applications in a first-come, first-served online application system on January 28, and IRCC and Immigration Minister Hussen are now facing serious criticism from families and immigration lawyers due to the way the relaunch was handled. 

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