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Karin McCaskill: Lifetime Achievement Recipient from Canadian General Counsel Awards

17 June 2019

The 15th annual Canadian General Counsel Awards (CGCA) were presented Monday, June in Toronto. This year's Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient was Karin A. McCaskill, former senior vice-president, general counsel, and secretary of Sobeys Inc.’s parent company Empire Co. She is seen as one of the leading labour and employment practitioners in Canada and a mentor for other women in this area of the law.

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Canada's Global Skills Strategy: 2 Years Strong!

12 June 2019

Canada's successful Global Skills Strategy (GSS) was launched on June 12, 2017, to help Canadian employers attract top highly skilled global talent to work for their company, to help source them faster, to process their immigration applications faster, identify work permit exemptions and provide applicants with enhanced customer service.

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New IRCC Rule to Protect Abused Immigrants Effective Immediately

10 June 2019

IRCC announced two initiatives to protect immigrants who are abused by their employer or are victims of family violence.  

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New Family Reunification Rules Protect Immigrants

7 June 2019

IRCC announced a new 2-year pilot to allow immigrants who did not initially declare lost family members to sponsor them later. The current policy creates a hardship for refugees trying to reunite with family members who were lost during war, violence or natural disasters such as a typhoon; and for migrants who failed to disclose the existence of children they didn’t know were theirs. 

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Executive Global Search Firms Benefit from Immigration Law Services

3 June 2019

An experienced immigration lawyer is a key resource for global executive search firms to get qualified employees in place quickly to begin their new role.  

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Announcing Our New Podcast: Ask Canada Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah

31 May 2019

I'm pleased to announce my new podcast, Ask Canada Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah. Every month I answer your questions about moving to Canada and the US. If you have questions about immigration to Canada or the United States, contact Evelyn and I will try and answer your questions on a future podcast. 

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How To Expedite Hiring High Wage Employees

23 May 2019

Canada introduced high wage job expedited Temporary Foreign Worker Program application processing to help employers fill critical jobs and to reduce the red tape in the hiring process. 

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Do You Want to Move Your Workforce to Canada? New Report

23 May 2019

Companies, immigrants and international students see Canada as an attractive alternative to the United States due to the many program and services the Canada government has put in place. 

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How Can I Work in Canada Without A Work Permit?

23 May 2019

Professionals who want to enter Canada may not need a work permit or LMIA if they qualify as a Professional under the NAFTA Business Visitor After Sales Service category R186(a). 

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Brexit: Do You Want to Move to Canada From the UK?

16 May 2019

There are many different opportunities and pathways for people to move to Canada from the United Kingdom. Immigration lawyers understand the many immigration options and eligibility requirements and have the knowledge and expertise to navigate complex Canadian immigration rules and regulations, to solve problems and remove obstacles to help you smooth the way to new opportunities in Canada. 

For work. For family. For life.  

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