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Lianne Mckenzie

Financial Administrator and Office Manager

Lianne Mckenzie

Lianne is pleased to join the Ackah Law team as our Financial Manager. Lianne has over 10 years’ experience in law firm management and accounting, with a focus on small to medium-sized firms. She also has eight years’ experience working as a controller for a personal care home in Calgary.

Lianne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Regina. After completing her studies, she worked internationally for Rank Xerox before beginning her career with Agriculture Canada, where she worked in the area of rural development and agricultural economic research. Following her time at Agriculture Canada, Lianne worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade where she worked hard promoting Canada as a destination for foreign investment. As a volunteer with the Department’s rotational community, she spearheaded the creation of an employment opportunities database for the spouses of rotational Foreign Service Officers. Her time in Ottawa was followed by a two-year posting to Canada’s embassy in Caracas, Venezuela.

Forbes Bros. Ltd. chose Ackah law as our immigration specialist for several reasons:

1. Competence: As immigration, permanent residency and the temporary Foreign worker program are necessary to our business we are not in a position to use a less than fully qualified service provider on these files.

2. Responsiveness: When you are dealing with the lives of people, there is nothing more important to that individual at that moment than his or her immigration issues, responsiveness to this, and an appreciation of the employee’s position is key.

3. Attitude: The thing I like best about Ackah law is the attitude and can-do spirit of the staff. Evelyn and her team show us what a small group of dedicated individuals can do. IT is the first time in a long time that I didn’t feel like a billable hour in a lawyers office.

– Doug Elniski, Vice President - Human Resources

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