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My Canadian Husband is sponsoring me for Canadian Permanent Residence. Is it true that if we separate within 2 years I will lose my Permanent Residence status?

25 May 2017

Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah blogs about the removal of the conditional permanent residence for sponsored spouses.  

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I am an Alberta employer and I need to hire a skilled foreign worker, but the position is now one of the 29 High-Wage occupations listed on ESDC’s Refusal to Process List - what can I do?

25 May 2017

Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah blogs about how employers can maintain their workforce during the Alberta Labour / ESDC refusal to process 29 job categories for LMIAs in Alberta.

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My daughter is 19 and is in University, can I include her in my Canadian Permanent Residence application as a dependent?

24 May 2017

Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah blogs about the upcoming increase in the age of a dependent in Canadian immigration.

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I have 389 points for Express Entry. How can I increase my score?

24 May 2017

Evelyn Ackah discusses ways Express Entry candidates can obtain addition points and increase the chances of being issued an Invitation to Apply.  

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Summer Travel Tips: Canada Border Entry Checklist for Travellers

24 May 2017

Canada Border Crossing Checklist for Summer Travellers: free download from Evelyn Ackah, founder and managing lawyer at Ackah Business Immigration Law to plan your summer travel. 

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How Do I Apply for Canadian Citizenship?

19 May 2017

Canada immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah explains the qualifications and requirements to apply for Canadian citizenship. 


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Parents Recommended to Print Canada Passport Requirements for Children Under 16

16 May 2017

Canadian children - even newborns - are required to travel with their own passport. Canada's Passport Program has issued a reminder to international border officials that parents or legal guardians must never sign their child's travel documents. According to the Government of Canada: 

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How Do I Get a Canadian Work Permit?

13 May 2017

Work permits are required for any foreign nationals who want to work during their temporary term in Canada. Calgary Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah helps her clients understand Canada immigration law at the managing lawyer and founder of Ackah Business Immigration Law. 

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Canada Raises Immigrant Dependent Age to Under 22

11 May 2017

Canada will increase the age limit of dependent children to under 22: Calgary Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah explains how this will help reunite families and provide economic advantages for Canada. 

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Ackah Law Testimonial of the Week

5 May 2017

On behalf of everyone at the THOMAS Group of Companies, I would like to personally thank you and your entire team for the outstanding work and professionalism shown during the LMIA process for our newest employee. 

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